SiteManagerNow - Recent Updates

On this page you will find a summary of new functionality that has been recently added to SiteManagerNow - over and above ongoing fine tuning and system enhancements.

March 2015
  • Move booking run dates - it is now possible to move the run dates for multiple bookings e.g. when an advertiser delays the start of a campaign
  • You can now add multiple Non CPM or CPM bookings with the campaign builder
  • We have optimised the calendar and a large number of commonly used pages throughout the site to improve system speed
  • It is now possible to run the billing report and see revenue by Trafficker
  • The trafficking report now checks to see if there are any Packages without line items

November 2014
  • Campaign List page nows shows campaign start and end dates, and can be filtered and sorted by start or end date
  • We have improved the speed of the standard billing report.
  • The property drop down lists have now been made searchable to speed up selection

June 2013
  • Export to Symphony - we have added the ability to be able to export the line items from a campaign in a format that can be imported into Facilitate's Symphony product. This can be activated in the Administration section > SiteManagerNow Settings > Ad Server Integration. Once activated a link will appear on the Campaign Worksheet with the option to Export to Symphony.
  • Enhanced Revenue by Month (totals only) - we have added the ability to filter this report so that can show confirmed bookings, pencil bookings, proposals, and various combinations.
  • Two new supplier reports - we have added a supplier/reseller forecast report and a supplier/reseller sales report.
  • Package budget and deliverables enhancements - the campaign worksheet has been updated so that it is easier to see whether packages have the correct budget and number of deliverable units specified.
  • Campaign Trafficker mandatory option - it is now possible to make it so that Trafficker is a mandatory field on the campaign details page.
  • Hide/Show cancelled Bookings - by default cancelled bookings are now hidden on the campaign worksheet in order to make it more legible. We have also added a link to the campaign worksheet so it is possible to show the cancelled bookings.
  • Ad Placement cost per unit - we have added the ability to be able to specify a cost per unit for ad placements on properties that are being resold. This is useful for resellers who have negotiated pricing for specific ad placements

November 2012
  • User Permissions (Add new Advertiser / Agency) - we have enhanced the Add/Edit campaign page to reduce the chance of users inadvertently adding duplicate advertisers and agencies. We have also added two new User privelege options so that administrators can restrict which users can add new advertisers and agencies.
  • Ad Position Notes - A number of clients had asked if it was possible to provide a way to include some descriptive text on the booking form that was specific to the Ad Position selected e.g. this ad unit may only be sold in conjunction with the corresponding video ad unit. These notes can now be added by going to Administration > Ad Placements / Rates > Edit > Booking Notes
  • Ability to resend emails - It is now possible to resend an email generated in SiteManagerNow along with its associated PDF (Proposal, I/O, Booking Confirmation). You can select who you want to resend to, and include a message.
  • Enhanced bookings by update date report - In the reports section, under miscellaneous reports we have updated the Bookings by Update Date to make its functionality much more comprehensive. This report now includes the following options:- Bookings added within the given date range, Proposals/Pencils coverted (to booked) ,Bookings Cancelled, New Revenue (new and converted bookings)
  • Supplier Job Number added to Supplier Order email subject - A minor change to make it easier for Suppliers to be able to identify specific email orders.
  • Import billable amounts enhanced - We have enhanced the billable amount import function to make it easier to manage the import process where the actual delivered is sometimes slightly higher than the agreed price.
  • MYOB and Xero billing export – now presents one campaign per invoice

May 2012
  • Google DoubleClick for Publishers API - It is now possible to create a link from SiteManagerNow to the Google DoubleClick for Publishers API and pull up to date campaign delivery reports from the ad server into a SiteManagerNow page. This functionality is also available for the AI Match and DoubleClick DFP ad servers.
  • New Packages/Blind Buy functionality - we have created a new function in SitemanagerNow that allows you to create a blind buy/package. This is ideal for sites and networks that don't necessarily want to specify exactly where the ads will run to the advertiser e.g. to avoid cherry picking and price comparison.
  • Monthly Revenue Summary report filter by Sales Rep - The Revenue by Month (totals only) report has been enhanced so that you can now filter by sales person/account manager. This makes the report even more useful for Sales Managers when planning and reviewing sales targets.

October/ November 2011
  • Proposal / Booking Confirmation sort order option - The default sort order for line items on Proposals and Booking Confirmations (Insertion Orders) is by start date then site/property. We have added a second option which is to group line items by site/property sorted by start date. You can set this new option in Administration > SiteManagerNow settings > Email Preferences
  • Campaign Delivery Report - we have added a new link to the Campaign Worksheet which launches a pop up that shows what impressions/clicks/emails... SitemanagerNow calculates should have been delivered to the date the report is run. This is a convenient way to see if the campaign delivery is on track. For clients who are using the DoubleClick DART API interface the report will also show what DART has delivered to date.
  • Add multiple locations - we have enhanced the Location administration so that it is now possible to add multiple locations to one or more properties quickly.
  • Add multiple placements / rates - we have updated the add multiple placements/rates page so that you can now add rates for multiple ad units to a property. Once the rates have been added you can quickly update the details using teh Export/Import Ad Placements / Rates functionality in the Administration section.
  • Estimated Share Of Voice - the booking form now displays the estimated share of voice for CPM placements.
  • Date Proposal/Booking Confirmation generated - The PDF proposals and booking confirmations now display a Time and Date generated stamp so it is easy to tell which version of a campaign that the client has signed off on, and to identify which is the latest printed version.
  • Supplier Order access - for clients using Supplier Orders we have made it so that it is now possible limit which users are able to generate supplier orders and view/edit booking costs.
  • Tip of the day - we have added a tip of the day function to the calendar to try to make users more aware of some of the deep and time saving functionality that exists in SiteManagerNow.

August 2011
  • When loading CPM bookings SiteManagerNow will now calculate the estimated share of voice for the booking
  • The PDF Proposals, and Booking Confirmations/Insertion Orders now have a timestamp to show when they were generated - particularly useful if the PDFs are printed off.
  • The campaign list page now displays the client contact name(if specified when loading the campaign).

June 2011
  • IAB quarterly reporting - one of the new things that IAB(NZ) have started doing is gathering quarterly spend figures for Video, Email, and Mobile advertising. If you need to report this information you can use the Accrued Revenue by Location report if you select the "subtotalled by Location > Ad Unit" option.
  • Add multiple CPM bookings - we have added a new function to the campaign worksheet which allows you to add multiple CPM bookings. When you click on the link you are asked to select a property, and date range. SiteManagerNow will then check the availability and you can choose the placements you want to add.
  • Revenue Summary Report - we have added a new report which allows you to filter billable revenue using two criteria e.g. By Agency/Advertiser, Advertiser/Campaign. The results are presented as totals for the selected period and can be exported to Excel
  • Booking confirmation and proposal enhancements - you can now choose to display rate card value, and discount from rate card on Proposals and Booking Confirmations

March 2011
  • Campaign Filtering - the campaign filtering has been enhance to include campaigns ended by date range.
  • We have enhanced the booking form so bookings can be moved from one ad position to another with the same pricing method (e.g. cpm, cpc). An email alert is sent to the booking administrator if the booking had a status of Booked
  • Cost per click actual billing amounts. It is now possible to import actual cost per click billable amounts.

February 2011
  • Enhanced User permissions - the User and User Group permissions have been enhanced to enable Administrators to have greater control over which sections and reports Users are able to access
  • Ability to prevent overselling of inventory added - in the User and User Group permissions section it is now possible to stop users from loading bookings with a greater number of units(impressions, clicks,...) than SiteManagerNow calculates to be available
  • Suppliers and Supplier Orders - for clients that sell advertising on behalf of other companies it is now possible to set the company you buy media from as a supplier. At the property level you can then link the property to a supplier. SiteManagerNow will then allow you to generate supplier orders fromt eh campaign worksheet page
  • Export/Import Ad Placements/Rates - it is now possible to quickly up date your rate card and estimated inventory by exporting it in Excel format, updating it, and then importing the data back into SiteManagerNow

November 2010
  • Updated Billable Amounts on proposals and booking confirmations - it is now possible to display either the net or gross, or both gross and net billable amounts by month on booking confirmations and proposals - see Administration > SiteManagerNow Settings > Email Preferences for Booking Confirmations & Proposals

October 2010
  • It is now possible to specify Unit Price different to Rate Card on booking form as well as booking Agreed Price e.g. CPM, CPC, CPA...

  • New campaign copy functionality allows you to copy details from an existing campaign
  • Auto Spread button added to booking form allows you to automatically calculate the billable amounts for each month that the booking runs over
  • New Sell Through Report allows you to see what percentage of non-CPM bookings are sold/unsold for any given date range.
  • DoubleClick API integration - DoubleClick DFP users can now create a link from SiteManagerNow to DFP to easily pull campaign results to date

July 2010
  • We have enhanced the standard Billing Report, and Revenue by Month(Totals Only) report so they have a number of new options including revenue by advertiser, campaign and ad unit.

May 2010
  • There is a new Advertising Delivery Report which allows ad traffickers to see how many ads should have been delivered for each booking at a given date
  • You can now add comments/notes at the campaign level which will be displayed on the Proposals and Booking Confirmations/Insertion Orders
  • We have introduced the ability to customise the email messages generated by SiteManagerNow for Booking Confirmations and Proposals - see Email Templates in Administration section (administrative rights required)
  • We have also added a number of new options in the Email Preferences section of SitemanagerNow settings
  • We have added a new Basic Plan, with reduced functionality, to meet the needs of smaller sites and networks - click here for details

April 2010
  • It is now possible to select whether the sender for Booking Confirmations and other outbound emails is the Campaign Account Manager or the logged in user
  • You can now specify a client contact and client trafficker for each campaign. The client contact will appear on Booking Confirmations and Proposals
  • We have added a number of quick links to the calendar page to make it easier to get to common tasks, and the last campaign you worked on
  • It is now possible for administrators to specify stricter password management rules and to force users to change their password after a certain number of days

February 2010
  • CPC/CPA pricing support enhanced to include cost per email, transaction, activity, video, and sales lead.
  • Bill to address - it is now possible to enter a billing address for Advertisers, Agencies, and Sales Channels which can be displayed on Proposals and Booking Confirmations. Administrators can activate this feature in the SiteManagerNow settings Booking Preferences section.
  • Display Billable Amounts on Proposals and Booking Confirmation - there is now an option to allow you to display the billable amounts by month on proposals and booking confirmations. Administrators can activate this feature in the SiteManagerNow settings Booking Preferences section.
  • Our Reference - there is now an option for you to be able to display your booking reference on Proposals and Booking Confirmations. Administrators can activate this feature in the SiteManagerNow settings Booking Preferences section.
  • The special requirements field on the booking form has been increased in size so that it is now possible to include more detailed information such as demographic targeting. This information is displayed on Proposals and Booking Confirmations.

25 January 2010
  • streamlined impression number updating at location level, plus day of week weighting at Location or Ad Placement level
  • booking change log - record user name, time stamp, change details
  • new discount reason field and ability to make mandatory if above specified %
  • auto link default agency by advertiser for new campaigns
  • booking confirmation fax back request option (tick on/off)
  • ability for users to update booking confirmation address book
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