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Inventory Forecasting and Management

available inventory With SiteManagerNow your sales and operations staff can quickly identify what ad space is available to sell visually by looking at the Booking Calendar, plus as they load each individual booking the available inventory is re-calculated. SiteManagerNow is able to do this for CPM, fixed duration (per day, week, month) and CPC/CPA (cost per click/activity) buys.

Weighting by day of week

Because many online advertising properties have different audience levels on different days of the week we have made it so it is possible to weight the estimated impressions by day of week.

Importing inventory forecasts from your ad server

SiteManagerNow is able to import estimated impression numbers from data generated by a range of ad servers including Atlas Ad manager, DoubleClick DART for Advertisers, and OpenX. During the import process SiteManagerNow automatically updates the estimated impression number for the applicable locations or ad placements and the rate card.
SiteManagerNow also includes two unsold inventory reports (CPM and non-CPM) which allow you to see sell through rates and easily identify which advertising positions are popular or unpopular with advertisers.

Pooling Inventory - ROS, RON, targeted

Another feature in SiteManagerNow is the ability to create a pool (Group Buy) of unsold inventory and make it available as a separate buy e.g. Run of Site and Run of Network. Whether the inventory is sold at the placement level or the Group Buy level SiteManagerNow is able to calculate and inform the person loading the booking whether there is sufficient inventory to deliver the buy.

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