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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about SiteManagerNow.


Can I serve ads with SiteManagerNow?

No, SiteManagerNow is not an ad server. It is however designed to manage booking data in such a way that your ad trafficking team can easily see what ad placements they should have running on any given day. This means that there is no complex integration required, and you do not need to change the ad serving platform you are using to take advantage of SiteManagerNow

Can I export data from SiteManagerNow in a format that can be used by our acounting system?

Yes, you can export the standard billing report that comes with SiteManagerNow in Microsoft Excel format. To further streamline this process it is also possible to have a custom billing report made that matches the format that your accounting system requires (there is a small charge for creation of a custom billing report)

Am I able to control what functions users are able to access in SiteManagerNow?

Yes, there are a number of access rights that you can control in SiteManagerNow for each individual user, from allowing them only to view the rate card and availability calendar, with read only access, to full administrative rights.

How long does it take to get up and running with SiteManagerNow?

You can get up and running very quickly in SiteManagerNow. The initial configuration of SiteManagerNow and setup of rate cards and availability calendars typically takes one to two hours per advertising property. For customers with multiple sites you may wish to allow a transition period of several weeks for moving from your existing system to SiteManagerNow.

Where is SiteManagerNow hosted?

SiteManagerNow is hosted by Google Cloud.