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How much does SiteManagerNow cost?

SiteManagerNow is a truly affordable and scaleable solution capable of serving the needs of single sites, and advertising networks. Pricing starts at just $20 US Dollars per month, on our Basic Plan, to manage a single site with a single user. If you need more then simply add more sites and users.

You will be surprised at how quickly you will see a return on your investment through increased sales team productivity, reduced double bookings and fewer administrative errors. And don’t be put off by the low monthly cost per site. SiteManagerNow is being successfully used by a number of large media companies to manage thousands of bookings from multiple online advertising properties worth millions of dollars annually.

SiteManagerNow Pricing ($US dollars)

Description / Plan Basic
Advanced Enterprise
Site License (per advertising property per month) $10.00 $25.00 For those clients
needing a more
customised solution.
Please Request a
Proposal / Quote
User License (per user/month) $10.00 $25.00
Minimum monthly fee $20 $50
Max Sites 3 Unlimited
Max Users 5 Unlimited
Setup Free Free
Payment Method Invoice Invoice
Version upgrades Free Free
Support Online documentation Online documentation
Email Email
Inventory Management Basic Advanced
Availability Calendar
Admin defined content categories  
Fixed duration booking support (per day, week, month)
CPC/CPA pricing support
Import data from Ad Server  
ROS/RON Support
Booking Management Basic Advanced
Campaign Worksheet
Advertiser level default discount option  
Check inventory availability when adding booking
Specify billing by month
Booking end alert option  
Auto Our Reference option  
Campaign Managment Basic Advanced
Booking confirmation/ Insertion Order Generator (HTML) option
Booking confirmation/ Insertion Order Generator (PDF)  
Proposal Generator (PDF)  
Creative Spec Sheet Generator (PDF)  
Contact Address Book  
Appearance Basic Advanced
Address details on email communication
Own logo on email communication  
Customisable email templates  
Auto campaign number option  
Auto booking ref option  
Public access to rate card option  
Reporting Basic Advanced
Revenue by site, advertiser, agency
Standard Trafficking report
Custom Trafficking Report   $ option
Revenue Forecast report  
Multi month revenue report  
IAB compliant revenue report
Network Reseller Cost report  
Raw Booking Data report
Billing Basic Advanced
Standard Billing Report
Billing Credits
International currency support
Sales Tax support
Custom Billing report   $ option
Advertiser Bulk import  
Agency Bulk Import  
Client Billing Code support  
Supplier Billing code support  
Booking Change Log / Audit Trail  
MYOB Accounting export  
Xero accounting export  
Custom cost report   $ option
User management Basic Advanced
User level access rights
Read Only access option
Incorrect Password lockout protection
User Group level access rights  
Site level access control  
Client/supplier restricted access  
User Group branding option (logo, address, terms)   $option
Email Alerts Basic Advanced
Bookings - Ending Soon  
Pencil Bookings - starting soon  
New Advertiser added  
New Agency/Sales Channel added  
Data Basic Advanced
PDF archive - proposals, booking confirmations  
Dedicated Database   $ option
Own domain/sub domain name   $ option
Daily off site backup
Dedicated Server option   $ option

Terms and Conditions

All pricing is subject to the SiteManagerNow Terms and Conditions.