The easy to use multi-user online advertising booking management system

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Billing and Financial Reports

SiteManagerNow comes with a comprehensive set of financial reports that let you stay on top of your online advertising business including:
  • Monthly Billing report - current, historical, and forward bookings
  • Bookings by Advertiser
  • Revenue by Ad Agency
  • Revenue by Sales Rep
  • Revenue by Sales Channel
  • Revenue by Advertising property
  • Revenue by Advertising Location (accrued)
  • Revenue by Advertiser Category (accrued - IAB)
  • Revenue by Advertiser - Nielsen Media Research compliant
  • Revenue Forecast report with ability to weight unconfirmed bookings
  • Cancelled Booking report
  • Raw booking data report - so you can export to excel and create your own custom reports

All of the SiteManagerNow reports, including the Availability and Booking Calendar can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Customer Invoicing and Billing Reports

SiteManagerNow comes with a standard billing report to enable you to easily work out how much you should be invoicing your advertisers each month, and is able to export information in MYOB and Xero Accounting compliant formats.

It is also possible to request to have the billing report customised to match the accounting or invoicing system you are using. A number of our clients have done this to enable SiteManagerNow to generate billing information for their Enterprise accounting system.

Cost reporting for advertising resellers

If you are an advertising network, or sell internet advertising on behalf of site owners you can use SiteManagerNow to keep track of the cost of the advertising you have sold on their behalf.

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