The easy to use multi-user online advertising booking management system

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User Administration

To access SiteManagerNow each user has their own unique userid and password. When new users are added it is possible to assign user level permissions including:
  • Read only access (can send booking requests, but can't edit booking data)
  • Booking add, edit, and update rights
  • Limit access to the reports module
  • Limit access to administration module
  • Restrict the ability to edit historical bookings
  • Restrict the ability to delete bookings


User Groups

In SiteManagerNow you can create User Groups to make it easier for you to manage large number of users and assign users permissions in a consistent manner. With User Groups you can also restrict which advertising property(s) that the members are able to access, and whether they are able to edit bookings or view the reports.

Access Control

User accounts are automatically locked down if the wrong password is entered too many times or if a userid is used to access SiteManagerNow from more than two machines – this reduces the risk of unauthorized password sharing.

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