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Automated Proposal, Booking Confirmation (Insertion Order) & Creative Spec Sheet Generation

With SiteManagerNow the tedious and time consuming task of creating Proposals, Insertion Orders / Booking Confirmations, and Creative Spec sheets becomes a thing of the past.

Once you have loaded the advertisers bookings into SiteManagerNow creating and sending any of these to your client takes just a few clicks of the mouse.

Personalised Communication

With SiteManagerNow proposals, booking confirmations, and creative spec sheets are generated on the fly in PDF format so they can be easily printed. You can have your own logo displayed at the top of the page along with your contact details, the client's billing address, and your advertising terms and conditions. You can even request that the recipient signs and faxes a copy back to you.

Proposal and Booking Confirmation archive

SiteManagerNow even stores a copy of all the proposals and booking confirmations you have sent from it, and allows you to record when you have received a signed confirmation back.

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